Monday, March 26, 2007

Project Election

Many local election campaigns consist of general promises like focusing on social problems or improving infrastructure. Some election campaign programs include more specific promises yet are without a specified time period, like building a new hospital or repairing an old road. People are getting more and more tired of empty promises and want to see the detailed plan based on your demands.

1. Hold a community meeting to find out specific needs of each voter so you can include them in your plan
2. Hire a project management team to develop a detailed plan for the period you are elected
3. Publish this plan as a brochure and give it out to all voters so that they will be able to track the plan progress once you are elected

You will have to try hard to make your plan a reality by meeting deadlines under the control of your voters but your chances of being elected will be much higher. It will be a 'win-win' situation when politicians get the power from voters and voters control the power they delegated to politicians.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Ads Free Election

Each election political parties spend tons of money buying time on TV, printing flyers, renting billboards, etc. In fact these are poor means for attracting electorate as they just remind people of your existence but don't influence their choice. Instead of making things that don't add voices political party can spend money on something really useful for common people like setting traffic lights on dangerous crossroads or additional street-lamps on poorly lighted streets and then have free publicity.

1. Announce your party decision to spend no money on any kind of advertisements and promotional materials and use these savings for social programs
2. Define the problems that are ignored by the local government and invest local party organizations to solve these problems
3. Invite local press to cover the events and send press releases to all local media

You will win both free PR and votes of the people that still doubt their choice or disapprove of way their tax money are spent on. They will see that your party can do exactly what they expect from the government when they give their votes.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Don't miss a thing

1. A young man is at the store looking at camcorders.
2. The shop assistant asks him: "May I help you?"
3. The young man says: "I'm just looking. Don't have the whole sum yet."
4. The shop assistant says: "No problem. We sell camcorder on credit. Only five minutes and you can start making films right now"
5. The young man: "No. I'd better wait" and goes out.
6. As soon as he is outside UFO appears right in front of him.
7. He automatically looks around in search of camcorder, but in vain. He says to UFO: "I'll be in five minutes. Don't go anywhere." And he runs to the store.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Musketeer Fencing Tournament

Fencing is one of the most beautiful and exciting sports. The one thing that spoils the impression is a fencer costume. Of course it is designed for accident prevention first of all, but why not organize an occasional fencing tournament with fencers dressed in musketeer costumes.

1. Rent musketeer costumes in theater wardrobe or order them at studio.
2. Decorate the hall in European style of XVI century.
3. Invite as many TV companies as you can to cover the event.

It will be an outstanding event in sport life of your city. When it becomes popular, you can organize it annually and it will attract tourists like a fest.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Billboards After Election

Election campaign is a kind of advertising campaign. During the election campaign people see so many billboards touting for various candidates that they often confuse people instead of helping them make their choice. After election these candidates forget about these means of communication, and almost always they forget about people who voted for them. What about using billboards to thank your electorate?

1. Think of an image and text that will thank people who voted for you or your party
2. After elections hire an advertising agency to design the billboard make up
3. Rent billboards for a month since the day of official results announcement

You will show that you remember about people after election campaign is over. No one will confuse your billboard with others as there will be no competition. By the way, renting the billboards will not cost much because many billboards are vacant during this period.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Big Fellows Promotion

Companies hire pretty girls or pimpled students to give out promotional materials in the supermarkets or at the streets' corners. The first are ignored by women, the second are ignored by everybody. Your advertisement will reach 100% of potential clients only when this job is done by big fellows with gloomy faces.

1. Carry out a casting among big fellows
2. Select the most impressive men of huge size
3. Instruct them to say 'I strongly recommend you not to throw this flyer away' when handing out promotional materials.

The productivity of your promotion campaign will increase greatly because nobody ignores big fellows. Your potential clients will not only keep the advertising materials but will never forget this 'forced smiles free' promotion.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Great Wash

I don't know whether detergent A is different from detergent B, but I know for sure all commercials about detergents are alike. A home maker says how easily the product cleans everything, pours some detergent on a dirty place and the dirt disappears. If you don't want the customers to change the channel only because they are fed up with your commercials, think of something more creative - washing all the monuments in the city with your detergent.

1. Get permission from local authorities to clean all the monuments in the city
2. Hire a cleaning team in company's uniform to drive around the city in company vehicle and clean the monuments with the company product
3. Send press releases to journalists and invite them to cover this event

You can get the attention of not only regional or national television, but perhaps into 'Guinness Record Book' as well. Instead of intrusive commercials the customers will see the results of using your product daily.